Stay on your toes as a fitness professional

Continued Professional Development is not just a requirement to maintain professional standards, it's vital to your success as a fitness professional.

School Of Personal Training Posted Nov 16, 2016 Future Fit Training

You need to constantly develop your skills by accessing education on an ongoing basis.

Your personal training qualification, even one as comprehensive as Future Fit’s, cannot provide you with all the knowledge and training you'll ever need throughout your PT career.

There's certainly no shortage of options. There are further qualifications, courses, seminars, workshops, books, journals, forums, websites and more from hundreds of training companies, coaches and experts, so the education is out there.

But how do you know what to do? What's high quality and credible and what's not worth the paper (or webpage) it's written on?

The Pro ZoneEnter the revolution in CPD training - the Pro Zone

The Pro Zone is a single, central place where you can access the best fitness professional training available, and gain the minimum annual CPD points requirement through online webinar training.

You'll find content on every topic essential to your success, from exercise, training and nutrition, to communication, psychology and behaviour change coaching. Within each of those areas you can expect in depth focus on niche areas such as biomechanics, weightlifting, injury rehab, motivational interviewing and client compliance.

But that's not all!

As well as masses of technical knowledge, you'll also benefit from training in supporting skills to help you make a real impact in areas such as customer service, business, marketing, sales, technology and personal development.

In any one day you might learn three easily implementable techniques that will boost your social media presence, whilst another day you may learn how to quickly and simply improve your client’s squat technique. The next week you could find out the key questions to ask potential clients to get them signed up to a high-value training package.

So how do you get all of this career-building training?

You'll be invited to a series of cutting edge webinars, designed and delivered every month by our team of experienced tutors, and each is accredited with a CPD point meaning you can record your minimum CPD points requirement each year just by being a Pro Zone member.

Of course you don't just want minimum - you want maximum value and the Pro Zone offers so much more. In addition to the webinars you can expect daily videos, blogs, articles and tips from our tutors to help you grow as a trainer - all accessible through an exclusive Facebook group where you can also participate in discussions and ask our industry-leading fitness professionals any questions you like to help you increase your knowledge.

PLUS... you'll be eligible for an exclusive 25% discount on all Future Fit courses, as well as preferential rates and special offers on guest products and services.  Find out more about the Pro Zone

Do we think our team know it all?

Of course not! Despite a combined 50 years plus of industry experience as PTs, coaches, fitness managers and tutors, we'd never recommend learning from just a handful of people. That's why we've hand-picked top experts and specialists in a variety of fields to be involved in the Pro Zone.

Each month you'll hear from a guest partner that we have carefully selected as an industry leader to add value to the Pro Zone. You can benefit from the expertise of the guest partners in a bonus webinar, and they’ll also be on hand to offer insight and contribute to discussions in our members-only Facebook group.

Confirmed partners so far include award winning celebrity personal trainer Katie Bulmer-Cooke, star of BBC One's The Apprentice in 2014, the lady that helped build her media profile, Yvonne Radley, and renowned strength and conditioning coach Brendan Chaplin.

First up in January are The Academy of the Body, founded by one of the world's most sought after personal trainers Lazo Freeman. Although he gained a reputation as a successful coach by selling £10k training packages, Lazo's true passion is mindset coaching. Having spent the last decade studying human behaviour and psychology, what this man doesn't know about motivating clients isn't worth knowing!

With behaviour change now acknowledged as THE key skill for PTs to master, it's only fitting that Lazo and his team are Pro Zone launch partners and you can expect to learn some game-changing skills from them in the New Year and beyond.

Added to the continuous content and advice on tap from our own tutors and guest partners, you'll also benefit from the input of fellow group members whose experience will range from newly-qualified trainer to industry veteran, so everyone will be able to share and learn from each other, and help #RaisetheBar of personal training.

Get involved now!

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