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PT Skills Gap Programme: My Big Takeaways 2/2

School Of Personal Training Posted Aug 31, 2016 Future Fit Training

Katie Bulmer-Cooke tells us three top tips she took from the Building your Fitness Business course in our PT Skills Gap Programme.

PT Skills Gap Programme: My Big Takeaways 2/2

This course is like a dream come true for me... two topics I totally love (fitness and business) all wrapped up in one perfectly easy to follow online module.

Having a strong background in fitness business I was keen to pick up some new strategies, tips and ideas, and I certainly wasn't disappointed! This course is absolutely jam-packed with content that is extremely relevant and up to date.

In my opinion it's a lack of useable business skills that stop many PTs from creating a successful, long term career in the fitness industry.

I've met so many fantastic trainers over the years with incredible experience and technical skills when it comes to coaching clients, yet they struggle to acquire new business simply because they don't have the business skills required to bridge the gap between being a great PT and gaining a presence in the market place. If this is you, then I suggest you stop reading this blog and just go and sign up to the PT Skills Gap Programme right now!

I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the programme, and here are my top three takeaways...

  1. The language and choice of words we use in our marketing material is crucial if we want to talk/market to our customers in a way that appeals to them. Following the module I went through all of my online information and asked myself 'is this appealing to my target market?' I focused on my choice of words a lot and also the nature of my social media posts. We even conducted a survey and asked my followers what their perception was of me based on what they've seen me post online in order to make sure I was on the right lines.
  2. It's really important that once the marketing message is right, that it's positioned in the right places so that it's seen by the correct potential customer, so post-course I started quizzing my current customers about where they hang out, which social media platforms they use and where they are most likely to take notice of advertising material so that I could use this information in future campaigns. Having this info will enable me to really drill down where I should be expending my marketing energy, ensuring that I get the biggest bang for my marketing buck.
  3. Knowing your numbers and planning underpins any successful business and it's no different in fitness. Following this module I made some changes to the way I record the finances of my business so that I can now, more clearly than ever, see which areas of my business generate the most revenue, for example small group training, 1:1, or online sales. I can now use this information to plan which areas of my business need more or less of a marketing budget and which areas I'll be focusing most on delivering. In addition I also conducted a survey with my clients to find out where they heard about my services so that I can establish which of my campaigns and strategies has had the most impact. All of this information will help me with my planning for the next quarter.

If you're a great PT who feels like you aren't getting traction when it comes to promoting yourself but want to make a serious career out of fitness then there's no doubt in my mind that this is the programme for you!

See what Katie has said about the PT Skills Gap Programme in a series of videos.

Find out more about the PT Skills Gap Programme here!

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