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Sporting Future: New strategy 2015

School Of Personal Training Posted Aug 12, 2016 Future Fit Training

With all the recent political upheaval, the fitness industry is keen to ensure a focus on sport and physical activity is continued.

Sporting Future: New strategy 2015

Policies have been put into action, policies and strategies already published and approved.

One of those was the government’s 2015 Sporting Future strategy which outlined five key outcome objectives of physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development. This strategy has seen the government alter their funding process to concentrate on the “social good” rather than just sporting participation figures by focusing on the physically disengaged, women & girls, disabled, low socio-economic status and older adults.

In order to make these changes there has been a shift in policy away from Sport as an individual concept, to an all-encompassing term of physical activity. In turn, the measurement process has changed to accommodate these changes, “Active lives” now replaces the previous sport measuring tool of the “Active people survey”. This document further describes governmental responsibilities and how funding will be filtered down into CCGs, County Sport partnerships, etc. It builds on the Public Health England “Everybody active, Everyday” report (2014) linking four themes for physical activity promotion: Active society, Moving professionals, Active environments, Moving at scale. These themes are discussed in relation to exercise referral and physical activity initiatives used for tackling inactivity. Finally, School and young people engagement, volunteer, facilities and international sporting strategies are also outlined in relation to the development of a more active nation….. it’s well worth a read!!:

Read the report here.

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