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The importance of children's activity training

School Of Personal Training Posted May 04, 2016 Future Fit Training

Fit for Sport has joined forces with Future Fit Training to highlight the work required to raise standards among children’s activity providers.

The importance of children's activity training

Future Fit Training has promised to include the Children’s Activity sector of the leisure industry in its next RaisingThe Bar Report which it compiles annually in association with CIMSPA and ukactive.

“Children’s activity is a hugely important sector of the market as it’s the entry point for kids to start being active,” says Rob Johnson, Future Fit Training managing director.  “By including this specific sector in our Raising The Bar Report we will gain a clear picture from operators regarding the current landscape of children’s fitness, establish what is working well and see where improvements could be made by addressing standards of training and delivery.”

Dean Horridge, CEO of Fit For Sport welcomes the inclusion of children’s activity into the Raising The Bar Report.  “There can be nothing more important than engaging young children in activity by making it fun, inclusive and exciting,” he says.  “If we can capture the attention of youngsters and ensure a smooth transition from early years to Key Stage 1 and 2 and then, crucially, up to Key Stage 3 and 4 we will help create a generation of physically active teenagers and young adults,” he says.  “There is no doubt in my mind that if we get the training provision right early on and equip Children’s Activity Professionals with the skills to keep kids of all ages engaged, we can help reverse the current trend of kids dropping out of physical activity as they get older.”

Fit For Sport runs a number of courses for Children’s Activity Professionals which go far further than the minimum training in safeguarding.  Its in-depth training also includes social wellbeing and key behaviour change models to enable instructors to instil a desire to be active. 

“CIMSPA and ukactive codes of practice ensure safeguarding of children engaging in physical activity but we would like to see these minimum standards raised to ensure the children are encouraged to WANT to be active and not just do what they’re told,” says Rob.  “If we can support Children’s Activity Professionals with first-rate training that gives them the tools to instil good behaviours and attitudes towards physical activity, we can help turn the tide of physical inactivity that we are seeing, particularly as children get older and start to make their own decisions.”

“We are delighted that Future Fit Training is including children’s activity in its Raising the Bar Report as this will give us vital feedback from the leisure industry – not just schools – on what’s working and what needs more support,” says Dean.  “This development will give children’s activity professionals the respect they deserve and the support they need to excel in their work with youngsters.”



For more information or to speak to Rob Johnson or Dean Horridge, contact:

Katherine Selby, katherine@actionpr.co.uk, 07787 533143

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