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10 tips to choosing a Personal Trainer

School Of Personal Training Posted Feb 08, 2016 Future Fit Training

Our tutor Ross Mitchell outlines what he advises potential clients to consider when choosing a personal trainer – would you make the grade?

10 tips to choosing a Personal Trainer

With the growing number of fitness professionals available to us what type of trainer will be best for YOU?

This is a question I have been asked several times. I have seen a lot of good trainers and an equal amount of bad trainers, but what was the difference between them?




If you’re thinking about hiring a Personal Trainer I have some useful tips that will help you find the best for YOU, while avoiding those who might not be an exact fit.

Here are 10 simple steps to choosing the right trainer:

Let's begin…

    1. Are they in shape?
      Does this trainer have the look that you want to achieve? Have they done what you want to do? If the answer is yes, have a chat with him/her to find out some more.
    2. Do their current clients look the way you want to look?
      Have they achieved similar goals to yours?
    3. Ask for some testimonials, before & after pictures and if you can speak to his/her current clients.
      A good trainer won’t hesitate to introduce you.
    4. Does the trainer seem to care about his/her clients?
      (How do they make them feel? Inspired, encouraged, happy to train with him/her?) or is this trainer one who just stands and shouts “More BURPEES! I NEED MORE BURPEES FROM YOU!”
    5. Is the trainer always continuing to improve their education?
      You can find this out by simply asking about any extra courses they have attended or books they’ve read. Continued education is the mark of a good trainer who is always trying to better themselves.
    6. Are they fully booked, and/or have a waiting list?
      This is a sign of great service, but as with step two I would endeavour to speak to some of their existing clients.
    7. Do you get on with them?
      This might seem silly but if you don’t get on to some degree you will find it very hard to work with them.
    8. Is your potential trainer approachable if they work in a gym?
      Do they smile and say hello and help those who need it without the thought of rewards, or are they always hidden away in the staff room?
    9. Is there a free session or consultation offered to new prospective clients?
      This is another great way to establish if you have natural rapport with the trainer.
    10. Does talking to him/her inspire you?
      If it does then provided they offer a valuable service for their cost then chances are you’ve found your trainer.

Hiring a Personal Trainer can be expensive, however a good trainer is worth the cost. They should not only motivate you, they should also inspire you, encourage you and most importantly get you the results you deserve.

If you follow the simple steps above you will have no trouble finding the right trainer for you.

Written by Ross Mitchell

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