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4 steps to a fitter you

School Of Personal Training Posted Dec 14, 2015 Future Fit Training

Get fitter, become healthier, follow these steps and improve your overall health, fitness and wellness.

4 steps to a fitter you

It's highly likely that you'll need to make a number of changes to your lifestyle in order to see the best possible gains in performance or body shape. Nutrition, hydration, activity and sleep will likely all need modifying in multiple ways and to various degrees, but where do you start?

And what if it's all too difficult to do?

The thought of making a large number of drastic alterations to your daily and weekly routine can be overwhelming and often stops people from making any changes at all which is the worst possible outcome – something really is better than nothing.

So with that in mind, try these four simple steps to get the behaviour change ball rolling.

  1. List any and all behaviours you think you could change to move you closer to your goal. That could include drinking more water, doing more walking every day, avoiding takeaways, getting more sleep each night, etc. You might have a huge list, but don’t worry about that at this stage.
  2. Next prioritise the behaviours in terms of how much impact they will have on your progress. For example drinking more water daily will be more important than cutting out that two glasses of wine you have each week. If you are constantly tired, getting more sleep would be a high priority, etc.
  3. Now take the top 5-6 most 'impactful' behaviours and work out exactly what you'd need to do to action them and how you're going to do it. This could be for example to drink one extra litre of water a day on top of your current intake and keep a 2 litre bottle on your desk at work which you aim to finish each day, or to go to bed half an hour earlier than usual on an evening.
  4. Having done this, ask yourself how confident you feel you'll be able to do each of those actions in the next 2 weeks. Rate yourself on a scale of 0-100 for each one. Then simply take the 2 or 3 highest scoring ones and start with those.

Starting with a limited number of specific, high-impact behaviour changes you feel confident you can achieve is much more manageable and motivating, meaning you are far likelier to see progress, and notice results. Only when those initial behaviours start to become habits, do you return to your lists and take on the next ones you identified.

Although this is a relatively simple process, you may need to talk with a coach or trainer to help you with it, for example to understand what behaviours you could change and what impact they can have on your health and fitness.

If you're a trainer yourself, the steps above are adapted from the 'Assess' stage of our Formula 4 Change system, part of the Future Fit Behaviour Change Coaching course, developed by Future Fit's team of experts to help you easily coach your clients through the behaviour changes they need to achieve sustainable results. The formula also takes you through research-based techniques and strategies to facilitate the changes and ensure they are adhered to in the long term.

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