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Raising the bar

School Of Personal Training Posted Nov 09, 2015 Future Fit Training

Future Fit Training has always had a reputation within the health and fitness industry for providing high quality comprehensive training and qualifications.

Raising the bar

We are currently working with employers to write the new improved Personal Trainer standards for the industry so we really are at the forefront of quality and education in the industry.

Future Fit partnered with UKactive to investigate the current satisfaction levels surrounding skills and workforce development within the industry. Following a consultation with the fitness industry’s largest employers, Future Fit Training has recently published its “Raising the Bar” report.

Here at Future Fit Training we have always been committed to providing training that goes above and beyond the basic qualification, and indeed we have always provided the skills gap training identified in the “Raising the Bar” report as standard. And you won’t get any quick fix solutions from us.

The report identified a number of skills gaps in the role of a Personal Trainer around social skills, motivational skills, behaviour change and business acumen.

The report also found that 89% of the employers surveyed were not happy with the time over which training is carried out, indicating that they felt training should be carried out over a much longer period of time. This was backed up by another recent survey that reported that 6 weeks is not long enough for a Personal Training Qualification. If you would like to read a copy of the full report, please email us

By choosing Future Fit Training you can be sure that you are choosing a Training Provider that really does give you everything you need to succeed in this fabulous industry. 

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