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The truth behind today's body transformations

School Of Personal Training Posted Jul 20, 2015 Future Fit Training

With so many out there, Paul Swainson, Head of The School of Personal Training goes on a journey to unveil the truth behind them.

The truth behind today's body transformations

Fareham, Hampshire (20th July 2015) – Future Fit Training’s Paul Swainson starts his three month journey to an improved physique, something which at first glance you’d think would be easy for Paul, as he is a Personal Trainer.

But this is a journey with a difference. Paul is investigating what physical and health benefits really can be achieved over three months, when you have to fit your training in alongside a full time job and a young family. Is a six pack achievable without spending 24/7 in a gym?

Paul has signed up with Ultimate Performance who have a worldwide reputation for getting results when it comes to improving body composition. And in a bizarre twist, the Personal Trainer he has hired is a recent graduate of Future Fit’s School of Personal Training. Shaun is a Senior Trainer at Ultimate Performance in Marbella, the same location at which fitness journalist Joe Warner has just completed his own 12 week transformation under the guidance of Nick Mitchell, Ultimate Performance’s founder.

Paul comments “Despite health and fitness being my career for the last 12 years, I’ve only ever trained for enjoyment, with a few sports and occasional events along the way. I’ve never focussed purely on aesthetic development in terms of fat loss and muscle gain, so I’m intrigued to see just what I can achieve without compromising my health – or indeed whilst improving it. There’s extra motivation for me too - with my second child due just before Christmas, I’m mindful of the fact this could be my last opportunity to explore my potential before sleepless nights and two kids under two compromise my progress for the next couple of years!

Follow Pauls’ progress over the next three months here or @PaulSwainson and @SchoolofPT and look out for the hashtag #ProjectPaul


About Future Fit Training

Future Fit Training is one of the UK's leading training providers for the fitness industry. With an ethos built around quality of training and supporting their students, they have been producing top quality fitness professionals and pioneering the industry since 1993.

It is the first and only health and fitness training provider to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation with the British Standards Institution (BSI). All courses are accredited by REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals), City & Guilds, VTCT and AIQ.

About Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance was founded for one simple reason, to create the most effective method of personal training. The team is made up of world-class athletes, highly qualified and academic coaches and trainers, many of whom have Bachelors and Masters Degrees in sports science, and undertake further study to ensure they are always at the cutting edge.

Ultimate Performance was setup by individuals who previously trained people for free in their spare time, because they are so passionate about performance and improving the human body.

They have gyms in London, Manchester, Hong Kong, Singapore and Marbella.

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