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PT in gyms – key survey findings

School Of Personal Training Posted Apr 13, 2015 Future Fit Training

Here are some key findings from this month's Health Club Management magazine reported on a survey into personal training within gyms.

PT in gyms – key survey findings
  • 10% of gym members had at least one PT session in the 3 months leading up to the study. That shows there’s still a huge market of people who could benefit from personal training
  • Members aged 25-44 were more likely to purchase PT sessions compared to younger or older members
  • ‘Mid-term’ members (who joined between 6 months and 3 years previously) were most likely to invest in regular PT sessions, with long-standing members (3 years plus) the least likely to invest
  • Just over half those purchasing at least one PT session said motivation and assistance with achieving goals were the main reasons for doing so  
  • As we would expect, the more sessions purchased, the more gym regular visits the client made, showing that personal training really does improve adherence
  • Members who had regular PT report greater progress in both physical and social outcomes
  • Most interestingly, members who had just one or two PT sessions were more likely to cancel their gym membership than those who had none. This shows the importance of ensuring the client has a great experience and can see the value of regular sessions
  • In support of this, those who had more regular sessions had much less risk of cancellation, showing the benefit to gyms of promoting personal training to members and doing what they can to support PTs to build a regular client base

Head to page 41 of this month’s Health Club Management magazine to read the article in full here>>.

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