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Impact of physical activity and diet on health

School Of Personal Training Posted Apr 02, 2015 Future Fit Training

As fully committed ukactive members each Head of School actively and regularly contributes to discussion groups to put this issue in front of Government.

Impact of physical activity and diet on health

 From the latest health select committee report: Impact of physical activity and diet on health we feel:

  • The report focuses on the central message that physical activity must be seen as a key health priority independent of diet, echoing ukactive's calls that physical activity plays a wider role than obesity.
  • This report marks a major step forward in parliamentary recognition of physical inactivity as a top-tier health concern in its own right.
  • The report calls on the NHS and Local Authorities to prioritise physical activity and effective lifestyle interventions over the coming years

What this means for our students is that they will be ready to accommodate any opportunities to work with Clinical Commissioning Groups and the NHS as potential public health budgets become available over the next few years. Now is the perfect time to start a career as a health and exercise professional and be part of the solution to help reduce inactivity and obesity levels across the country.   

"As activity providers, suppliers and advocates, today’s report could not be a more positive outcome. I’m thrilled to see today’s outcome and to have been able to influence this result. What it does, is to put activity providers into the driving seat of health policy for the next government. To have my closing statement to the Committee as its first and over-riding recommendation is a signal that Parliament’s ears are now wide open to the arguments we have been making for some time. It also closes off the issue that obesity and physical activity are seen as two sides of the same coin". David Stalker, CEO UKactive


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