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Our Train to Gain workshop can help you...

School Of Personal Training Posted Jan 15, 2015 Future Fit Training

Train to Gain is the School of PT’s new workshop aimed at helping trainers to practically understand what is involved in helping their clients look better

Our Train to Gain workshop can help you...

So what is ‘Train to Gain’?

Clients are wanting a more toned physique and are prepared to work harder to get it, so this will give you as the trainer the skills to deliver it. This workshop has a very practical base from which you can learn what it feels like to safely push yourself to your own limits, and then transfer that feeling of intensity and power, (followed by DOMS!) to your clients.  You will experience first hand what it takes to become the best that you can be, to then be able to transfer this passion and commitment to others.

Why do I need this workshop? Surely I can find this information on line…

There is plenty of theory available online if you search hard enough for it.  What you can’t appreciate until you have practically trained in this way though, is the intensity required to take your clients so far beyond their comfort zone that they can’t avoid getting results.  See the difference this makes to their mindset, and watch them come back asking for more.  The practical elements to the workshop will prove invaluable in giving you the experience required to safely take your clients to success.

How will it help my business?

It is widely recognised that ‘word of mouth’ is the best form of advertising.  It is effective because people trust the opinion of someone they know, and best of all, it’s free!  So if you can gain actual results from clients due to your combination of theory and practical knowledge received as part of the Train to Gain workshop, then this could be the growth spurt your business needs.

But my clients don’t want to look like bodybuilders…

That is probably true of most of your clients, however most clients come to you because they want to tone up, lose weight or generally look better. These goals can be more effectively reached by gaining a small amount of lean tissue.  We know a pound of muscle is a third of the size of a pound of fat, and nine times more metabolically active (i.e. it burns calories even in your sleep!). So if you increase a client’s muscle mass even slightly, they will reduce in size and carry less fat, giving them the physique they want.

How quickly will clients gain muscle?

This is not a quick fix workshop.  Hopefully by now, you are aware that results of any kind (weight loss or muscle gain) take time.  This workshop will however give you the ability to maximise results for your clients, therefore giving your clients more for their money.  Your clients will want maximum gain for the minimum amount of their time.  Why train every day for hours if you can achieve better results training more intensely 3 or 4 times a week?

For more information and to learn first-hand how to train for muscle gain, book a place on our brand new half-day workshop by clicking here>>.


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