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5 ways to increase earning potential as a PT

School Of Personal Training Posted Dec 22, 2014 Future Fit Training

We can always learn more about psychology, motivational techniques, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, training methodologies and new equipment.

5 ways to increase earning potential as a PT

The best way to earn more as a personal trainer is to focus on continually improving your skillset. Here are a few specific ways to accelerate your earnings:

  1. Reputation - the most successful personal trainers that I have worked with over the years have built an excellent reputation.  Being renowned within your club/facility as the personal trainer who gets results for their clients in a fun and engaging way is absolutely key.
  2. Group training - it is possible to increase your hourly rate of pay whilst decreasing the cost per session to clients. As well as offering, for example, one-to-one sessions at £40 per hour, you could offer group training at £25 per person per session for two clients training together. Alternatively, £20 per person per session to groups of three would further decrease costs whilst increasing your revenue. Small group sessions can be highly engaging and great fun – as long as you make sure you group the right clients together!
  3. Create your USP - do you have a unique selling point or at least something that you are the undisputed expert in?  It could be weight loss, hypertrophy, strength and conditioning or boxing. It could also be a piece of equipment such as suspension training, Bulgarian bags, kettlebells or plyometric training. Everybody in your health club (or wherever you work) needs to recognise you as the expert and you could of course be the expert in more than one area.  Imagine if someone says to a member of staff where you work “I need to lose some weight”. You need the response to be an endorsement that that person they need to see is you.  Equally, if a customer asks your colleague “How do you use the TRX?” it would be great if they said “Go and see him - he does loads of TRX training”. Once you’ve mastered this, your colleagues are doing your marketing for you!
  4. ‘Knowledge is power’ - read research papers, attend industry conventions, gain new qualifications, go to regular courses and mystery shop your competition.  You can never know too much and we are always learning. Taking a day out of your diary to attend the right course will keep you fresh, give you loads of new ideas for your clients and hopefully inspire you – keeping you enthusiastic and a fountain of knowledge.
  5. Flexible payment options - there’s a reason that many products and services are available by direct debit and bank transfer options rather than just cash. Direct debit allows clients to spread the cost of personal training without being constantly reminded of making payments or having to find a large lump sum for a block booking. Clients may also want the option of internet banking payment transfers for convenience. 

Remember there are so many Personal trainer jobs out there. Take a look at some of the career opportunities. For example, you can set up your own business or Become Level 4 specialist!!


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