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Lastest Blog from Adam Gethin

School Of Personal Training Posted Nov 17, 2014 Future Fit Training

"Earlier in the year I completed my REPs Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification with the Future Fit School of PT because I wanted to offer 1-2-1 coaching.

Lastest Blog from Adam Gethin

Up to that point I had built a successful online business where I mentored people on nutrition. I had done a TV show on SKY, and appeared in Men's Fitness magazine among other media outlets.

However to take the next step I wanted this qualification. And that step for me was my book with Men's Fitness magazine.

I was offered the opportunity to train their editor for 10 weeks in London, with a view to taking a skinny guy who couldn't gain any weight to "muscular" in 10 weeks.

As this was gym based i was necessary to take the step, which is when I signed up with Future Fit.

Many of my peers in the fitness industry had used Future Fit and were impressed so I contacted them. Having got to know some of the staff and being welcomed with open arms I found myself on the train to Portsmouth 4 weeks later to start my Level 2 Gym Instructor course. During the time between first talking to the Careers Advisers and the three days in Portsmouth I had gained access to the ‘Student Zone on their website, which was very helpful – especially for beginners so make sure you use that before the workshop weekend!!

The three days were spent in class learning in a nice relaxed manner about the body, CV exercise and resistance exercise. We also spent plenty of time on the gym floor and in the exercise studio mastering technique, teaching one another what we had learnt to improve our confidence in delivering the content and ultimately getting familiar with the criteria to ensure we are able to fly through the assessment day in 4 weeks’ time.

So can I recommend the Level Two course to you? Bear in mind my position in the fitness industry now and that I have to be careful what I do and don’t recommend for credibility reasons. Absolutely, I can! If you are looking to make fitness your business as well as your hobby I believe this course is a fantastic foundation phase for you to complete. It will equip you with the knowledge you need to begin to understand the body, how it works and what you might need to apply in order to illicit specific results.

The Men's Fitness book project was a massive success and goes on sale in December, with 30,000 copies hitting the UK shelves.

Doing this course enabled me to take a huge step in my career. And whilst you may not yet be in that position, you don't want to find an opportunity only to be held back because you haven't got the right qualification. Time waits for no one, take action."


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