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Register of Exercise Professionals Audit

School Of Personal Training Posted Jul 28, 2014 Future Fit Training

The Register of Exercise Professionals have been conducting an audit of it’s members to ensure they are complying with Continued Professional Development.

Register of Exercise Professionals Audit

You need to have collected 24 REPs points over a 2 year period, so if you’re short, now is the time to book onto a new course, attend industry events and get reading!

Whilst the term ‘audit’ often prompts groans or panic amongst those targeted, this should be seen as a positive measure to reinforce the need for ongoing education and constant development as fitness professional. Of course this should be natural characteristic of all trainers and instructors – we should consider ourselves perpetual ‘works in progress’, always wanting to learn more.

The best teachers in the word are the ones that are still students and as I often say on our courses, the day you think to yourself “I know everything” is probably the day you should retire!

So rather than fear the audit, embrace it as an opportunity to develop your knowledge if you’re not doing so already. As a tip – just like our exercise programmes, we tend to focus on what we like doing even though it could benefit us more to work on what we don’t! So think about the areas you feel are your weakest (e.g. nutrition, exercise for certain populations, or resistance training) and aim to learn more about those.

For more information on the audit, click here: http://www.exerciseregister.org/latest-news/reps-to-conduct-cpd-audit


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