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FAQs about training to be a PT

School Of Personal Training Posted May 19, 2014 Future Fit Training

Can I do it? Can I become a Personal Trainer?

FAQs about training to be a PT

Am I too old?

Our students range from 18 years of age to 60, and have done for many years, showing that within the fitness industry, there is no ‘typical’ age for a personal trainer. Indeed, many older clients will prefer a more mature trainer as they will be better able to relate to you. The key is to think about who it is you want to work with and help as a trainer.

Can I do it?

Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve been in formal education, or you don’t consider yourself the ‘academic’ type. Our varied teaching methods mean you have lots of opportunity to absorb the information on our courses, and more importantly learn how to apply it in the real world. We use a blend of online lessons, written manuals and practical workshops, and our Tutor Support team are on hand to provide email and telephone advice and guidance if you need help.

Do I need a degree level of education?

No! Whilst academic qualifications are no doubt valuable, personal training is a practical, people-based career and so it’s far more important to ensure your training covers the necessary content to enable you to help clients achieve their goals. This is best gained through an industry-recognised Level 3 qualification, plus additional skills and knowledge in areas such as advanced exercise, client psychology and business and marketing.

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