MuscleFood Partnership

School Of Personal Training Posted Apr 13, 2015 Future Fit Training

Being a successful personal trainer requires a lot more than just a thorough understanding of exercise. You also need to eat right and have access to the best quality produce on the market!

That's why the School of Personal Training has partnered up with MuscleFood.

Musclefood is a company passionate about sport and nutrition. Not only in terms of fitness, but also in helping athletes and the health conscious reach and maintain their goals and ambitions.

They aim to provide you with the best lean meats and supplements on the market to enable you to get all the nutrients and protein you need to excel at a cost effective price.

When you buy from them, they will guarantee top quality produce from a trusted and reputable company tailored to each individual's sporting needs and diet. So, if you’re looking to gain muscle, get stronger, lose fat or get faster, we have got all you need to maximise your performance.


On becoming a student with the Future Fit School of Personal Training, you will receive a £10 discount on all Musclefood orders!