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Dear Santa, for Christmas may I have...

School Of Personal Training Posted Dec 06, 2013 Future Fit Training

Dear Santa, for Christmas this year please may I have a gym workout that burns fat better than any other workout and doesn’t bore me to tears?

Dear Santa, for Christmas may I have...

Frankly, whether you exercise regularly or are embarking upon a new workout regime in the weeks leading up to Christmas, burning fat more effectively and avoiding boredom are high priorities.

For the rest of the population that arrive in January several pounds (or in some cases stone) heavier than they would like, choosing between a spin studio that has more sweat and body odour than Eddie Izzards running trainers or embarking upon the latest fad diet are not the only options.

We can actually make exercise fun and enjoyable whilst facilitating the achievement of fantastic results. The trick is actually far more simple than you may think - just remember some key principles:


Agree SMART goals with your clients, bench mark, review, praise success and investigate failure.  As Michael Jordan once said: ’I can accept failure: everybody fails at something.  But I can’t accept not trying.’

Be inspirational

If you can’t lead by example, you shouldn’t be leading at all.  And make no mistake, if you’re a fitness professional then YOU are leading (you don’t need to be a manager to lead).  Make time for your own training and eat right.  It’s not acceptable for a fitness professional to fall into the ‘do as I say and not as I do’ brigade.

Exercise adherence

If we really dislike doing something, inevitably we will stop – it’s just a matter of when.  Everybody enjoys some form of exercise or physical activity (yes, really).  More emphasis and effort must be given to relentlessly discovering the activity that the individual genuinely enjoys.  As fitness professionals we may well have to be creative and think outside of the box.

Fun and engagement

As a personal trainer, your job is so much more than prescribing exercise.  Your infectious energy will motivate and bring a smile to your clients who should genuinely look forward to their training sessions with you.  If your clients are dragging themselves in to see you, you’re doing something wrong.

Consider the following main component alternative workouts:

Whilst both may well be safe, effective and appropriate, consider the scope that the trainer has for progressions and regressions, creativity and variety, interaction and engagement when delivering the session in the right hand column. Try it and see which your client enjoys more and which creates more laughter and interaction between trainer and client.

Top tips

Download our 'Top Tips' PDF covering,

  • The fat burning myth
  • Metabolism
  • Calorie counting
  • The spice of life
  • Fail to plan: plan to fail



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