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Back to Business Basics (part 3)

School Of Personal Training Posted Dec 05, 2013 Future Fit Training

Stick to the points in our Back to Business Basics sessions and you will boost your reputation, earn referrals and keep your clients.

Back to Business Basics (part 3)

The sessions

  1. Be on time – being punctual should be a top priority, it shows you treat the client and the training with a high level of importance
  2. Don’t waste time - give whatever time you have agreed – if the session is meant to be an hour then use that whole hour
  3. Get involved wherever you can if it is safe to do so – your clients must feel that they get a better training session with you present, otherwise why would they pay you?
  4. Don’t answer your phone or text during training. This is becoming more commonplace - PTs with their phones in their hands either talking or texting
  5. Coach and correct your client – you would think this wouldn’t need to be on the list but too many PTs don’t give feedback to improve their client’s performance of an exercise
  6. Motivate your client. This is not just saying “well done” occasionally. This comes across in your body language, tone of voice and the rapport you build to get someone excited about exercise or their results. Too many times I see bored looking PTs looking across at the clock wishing it would speed up – if it’s boring for you then it’s not going to be too exciting for your client either.  You need to exude a PASSION for fitness!
  7. Don’t steal your client’s work out – there is a fine line between getting involved and then having your own workout. Make sure you understand the difference.
  8. Use mirrors to check technique - not to check your hair. I have seen this a few times - the trainer looking at himself (it’s often guys doing this!) rather than observing their client

Check back next week for the final instalment in the series – outside the gym.

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