Jeremy Marrs

The most enjoyable factors about my job is the variety and rewarding nature of helping others

I joined the Army Catering Corps straight from school where I initially trained as an apprentice chef. After my passing out parade, I was posted to Minden in Germany where I served with my unit 4 Armoured Field Ambulance. During this time, we were detached on tour to Croatia, Zagreb and Bosnia. I left the forces in May 1995 as I felt I may have been missing out on everyday life.

What was important to you when choosing a training provider?

The most important factor for me when choosing a training provider was one that enabled me to study from home because of my busy schedule and the location where I live. In addition to this, I was looking for a course where I would gain industry recognised qualifications. I was impressed by the variety of courses offered on Future Fit Training’s website.

My current role

I run my own PT business, alongside running a Circuit Training group in my local town. I also work in my local council leisure centre.

After attaining my GP referral qualification with Future Fit, I have been involved in helping to set up and run a dedicated exercise class for Parkinson’s sufferers. The class aims to ease some of the effects of their Parkinson’s, helping sufferers to maintain activities of everyday living.

What do you most enjoy about your current role?

The most enjoyable factors about my job is the variety and rewarding nature of helping others.

If you could give any advice to those wanting to become a personal trainer, what would it be?

Go for it!