Success Story - Don Gordon

"Acquire as much knowledge as you can to be the best you can be. Do everything with passion and keep a great attitude!"

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

From an early age I have always been sporty and working out at the gym was a regular feature of my weekly activity. I competed for a number of years in karate and gained a black belt in the late 80s, training with the legendary England Squad coach Ticky Donovan OBE and sporting superstar Vic Charles MBE.

Why choose a career in fitness?

I guess it chose me really. I worked in the corporate environment for many years but due to successive redundancies I thought it was about time for a change. I became interested in nutrition after suffering an injury and seeking help from a specialist osteopath and naturopath in Harley Street. He introduced me to natural anti-inflammatories in the form of enzymes and I thought ‘wow, an alternative to pain killers, now that’s interesting!’ So I started out with courses on nutrition and decided that I wanted to make a full time career out of health and nutrition. After all, that’s what I was good at and really!

Why the Future Fit School of Personal Training?

I researched a number of providers and wanted to be the best at what I did. The School of Personal Training offered me all the courses I needed. Their selection of courses allowed me to mix and match where and what I wanted to study and offered the opportunity to get guaranteed interviews with the top fitness chains.

The standard of tuition was excellent and so was the flexibility. This was particularly important as I had to work and study at the same time. I really enjoyed all of the training, especially the case study work, and the fact that I was able to take a break in between to allow me time to study the various courses was helpful.

My current role

I’m a Nutrition and Exercise Specialist working independently for two chiropractic clinics in Kent and Essex, providing personal training, group classes, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. I deliver personal lifestyle plans that cover nutrition and exercise over 6 and 12 week intervals, as well as fit2fite group exercise classes every week, which is an aerobic combat class that tones through technique and excellence. I also offer food intolerance and sensitivity testing, nutritional seminars for sports clubs and small groups, as well as core stability training, focusing on recovery and prevention of lower back pain. The part I love most about my job is seeing the amazing transformations in body shape, tone and weight loss in my clients, again and again. Holding up a ‘before and after’ picture really does bring gasps every time I show them to clients.

My future

I certainly have no threat of redundancy and I have more opportunities to help as many people as possible to achieve their own health goals and lasting body transformations. I’m looking to continue my training and knowledge base with some functional training, or possibly take an Exercise Referral course to allow me to get my REPs Level 4 some time in the future.