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Total Fitness is one of the UK's leading health and fitness clubs. Total Fitness health clubs offer an excellent range of leisure facilities including fully-equipped gyms, a range of swimming pools, saunas and solariums. Selected clubs also have indoor running tracks, Wi-Fi, Kids Gyms, and all Total Fitness clubs have ladies only gyms and cafe bar areas.

Looking for: Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors in some areas

Venue: Nationwide

Salary: TPT trainers, dependent on their business plan can earn between £21-35k. With their system of low coverage, the benefits of a busy business hold a tremendous amount of financial benefit also.


Working with TPT is about matching your ideas and values with theirs. Total Fitness only accept trainers with REPs Level 3 status and a passion to move their careers forward. This way you will get the most out of your TPT support team and your business in Total Fitness.

Further information:

Totally Personal Training's mission is to create and develop the strongest possible team of personal trainers in the country. Our core objectives are built upon the belief of continual improvements through career development and the notion that personal training should be a career that delivers ultimate fulfilment.

Totally Personal Training aims to build upon best practice and deliver unrivalled quality to you and your clients. The relationship we hope to forge with you is one of ultimate professionalism and commitment on both parts to delivering the best possible personal training product, and you the best personal training career."

Total Fitness will also offer you:

  • Continued Business Support

Through business planning workshops and business seminars, you will be able to formulate your own business strategy, business planning, and financial recordings. With their network of industry professionals, you will have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Remember if in doubt … ASK

  • 60 Day Planner

As a key strategy to success Total Fitness will tailor you an individual 60-day planner to ensure that you meet your business targets. This will ensure that you are introduced into the club properly, launched to the new members, and made to feel part of the team.

  • 1-2-1

You will have time to talk through your progress on a business and skill level with one of our team. Total Fitness will work with you to iron out any problems and focus on the areas of your business that may need some attention. What is covered on your 1-2-1 is completely dependent on how you wish to run your business and the level of support you need.

Total Fitness also provides a start-up package to their employees, designed to get your business off to the very best star. This includes:

  • Performance training uniform

What you wear and your image says a lot to your clients about your product and the service you deliver. Total Fitness kit you out in some of the leading sports performance wear from one of the UK's premier manufacturers of sports clothing. Their aim is to deliver you a balance between affordability, style, and practicality. In addition to the standard range, there is an additional range that you can order from to workout in, wear outside of the gym, or simply relax in.

  • Access to

Total Fitness will give you an annual membership to the best online academic resource for personal trainers. This resource will allow you to enhance your PT career and your client’s training experience.

  • Profile

Your profile is there to outline your product to club members. Being located in a key location within your club your business can bring you enquiries while you work or when you’re out of the club.

  • Photo-shoot

Total Fitness will capture your best side with photos that reflect you and your personal training product. Pictures from the shoot are used for internal club advertising and external promotions to help your business.

  • Stationery

Armed with business cards, diary and personal email address you’ll be able to start your business with the professionalism that is required to work as a TPT. Stationery is designed to encompass Total Fitness’s brand image and reflect your individuality.

  • Financial Planner

Month 1: Time to start building your client network. With all the tools and skills learnt on the business concepts & practices course, you will now be able to ride the wave and start to develop your business and do what you do best, train people. To help you out in your first month Total Fitness will not charge you a rental fee.

Month 2: On the first day of the second month you will pay a license for 50 PT sessions in advance. This is all you pay during month 2.

Month 3: In month 3 you pay for 50 sessions at the start of the month, plus the fee due for any additional sessions carried out for month 3 at the end of the month. This cycle then repeats itself for the next month. The amount Total Fitness trainers pay over and above 50 sessions is there to ensure investment back into their businesses in the form of additional training, equipment & marketing. If you wish to plan your finances then please do contact Total Fitness to receive a financial planner that can assist you in your business planning and earn a better personal trainer salary.


Once you are qualified at the relevant level with the Future Fit School of Personal Training, simply complete the application form on the Total Fitness website, and send to

Quote the following within your email or cover letter: "As you are aware, Total Fitness and the Future Fit School of Personal Training have a mutually beneficial on-going agreement that all diploma graduates should get an interview or place at an assessment centre at their local Total Fitness club, therefore I request my application is forwarded to [enter club name] for consideration".

Please note: you will need to take your relevant course certificate(s) to the interview as proof that you trained with the Future Fit School of Personal Training.

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