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Hummus v. Guacamole

Published on 14 July 2014

Guacamole and hummus are quite similar in lots of ways. They are great as dips with crackers, and equally good as spreads on sandwiches and wraps.

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Nutella v. Chocolate Cream Cheese

Published on 16 June 2014

Are you craving some chocolate spread on your toast? Here we compare two chocolate spreads you can find in your local supermarket. Which one is better?

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Babybel v. Laughing Cow Triangles

Published on 27 May 2014

You would like to include some healthy snacks in your kid’s school lunch box. A popular choice with kids is cheese, especially in fun shapes...

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Is food addictive?

Published on 03 March 2014

Some experts believe that it is not appropriate to term food as 'addictive' as it is essential to life and not something that people can be weaned off. However, research has found that high sugar snacks activate areas of the brain that are also stimulated by hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin. This suggests that highly palatable foods – those rich in fat, sugar and salt - may be addictive. So does food addiction really exist and - if it does - can it be treated?

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Do we need 8 glasses of water a day?

Published on 03 June 2013

You may be surprised to learn that many of the facts about health and nutrition that we take for granted aren’t facts at all.

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Vitamin D – are you getting enough?

Published on 10 February 2013

Anne-Marie O’Shea looks into why Vitamin D deficiency is on the increase and what you can do to optimise your intake of this vital nutrient.

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