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What To Do If Your Child Is Overweight

School Of Nutrition Posted Jul 27, 2016 Future Fit Training

Obesity is on the rise. This is an unfortunate truth that cannot be ignored, but sadly, ignorance reigns when it comes to the subject and combating it.

What To Do If Your Child Is Overweight

We, all of us, can stop this taking place and take decisive action to reverse the epidemic if we choose to arm ourselves with the knowledge needed to ensure it is unable to thrive in the first place.

Habits formed during childhood are often (though not always!) the primary reason behind people turning to, and becoming addicted to food to equalize their emotional state - it is for this reason that during childhood years more than at any other time in a persons life, sensible eating habits and exercise patterns must be instilled in order to form a well balanced and level headed approach to nutrition later down the line.

Knowledge is Power

Our modern world is becoming ever more lenient towards its acceptance of the choices of others, in fact, so lenient has it become that should you comment negatively on another persons actions, even if that action is harming them, you can be deeply chastised for it. It's because of this "safety net" being in place (which by the way, is a GOOD thing. People should be free!) That millions upon millions of people are finding the comfort blanket they need to justify their actions with their right to free will. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with freedom of choice, we must also be incredibly vigilant in the promotion of the negative health effects of obesity, and especially at primary school level, make our children acutely aware of those effects if we are ever to reduce the rapid growth in obesity we now face.

Taking Responsibility

Parents play the part of being the vital cog that kicks the childhood health machine into swift action. Between the ages of 2-12 a child's mind is in its most receptive state and that's when parents need to take up the mantle as educator and instigator to help form healthy nutrition habits that will stay with their child for life. Whilst nutrition plays some part in primary and secondary education, it has to be said that the information given can be conflicting, confusing and rarely ever owes it self to individual context - this is why parents absolutely must ensure that they spearhead their child's health operation and provide them with everything needed to succeed as they develop.

Act Now

Should you already be facing problems with your child's weight, it's important that you keep calm and understand that the only bad choice to make is no choice at all. You have the power to arm yourself with what's needed to alleviate any further weight development and completely counteract any development that's already taken place. It's simply never too late, and this is something everybody must take on board as we progress into the future. There is never a bad time to make a positive health choice and change your habits, whether you're 5 or 25, the knowledge is out there to make the changes you need to fully realize the healthier existence you seek. Never has this been more important or truer than with your child - no matter what stage of their development they are in, you can always, always make the decision to take action and change their daily patterns whilst also teaching them everything they need to know to stay healthy well into their old age. You can actively create the long and healthy life you want your child to live!

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