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Global Health & Wellbeing Ambition

School Of Nutrition Posted May 16, 2016 Future Fit Training

Mars Foods has pledged to differentiate their foods into ‘every day’ and ‘occasional’ in an attempt to help improve the nation’s eating habits.

Global Health & Wellbeing Ambition

Future Fit Nutrition tutor Becki Douglas, gives her thoughts on this statement:

The nutrition industry welcomes the Mars Group’s (which includes Uncle Ben's and Dolmio) announcement that they will begin advising their customers on which of their products can be consumed daily and which should only be eaten occasionally as part of a healthy diet. The amount of hidden sugars in processed foods is of increasing concern and an underlying barrier to the nation’s health. I fully support any action taken by a food manufacturer to address this issue. It could be useful for consumers depending on the selection criteria chosen by Mars. Some products which Mars group may see as “eat daily” may still not be nutritionally balanced.

Read Mars’ full statement here.

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