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Tea vs Coffee

School Of Nutrition Posted Feb 01, 2016 Future Fit Training

Which morning brew is healthier?

Tea vs Coffee

Identical and miniscule in calorie content, it’s any milk and sugar that you may add to your tea or coffee that make the difference. Coffee has a little more protein, calcium and phosphorus, vital for bone health than tea and also a little more potassium which supports healthy blood pressure.  Don’t ditch the teacup just yet though as caffeine content in tea (from a standard tea bag) is generally 50% lower than instant coffee and half of that of an espresso shot (used in many coffee shop coffees nowadays). Different types of tea may hold preferential antioxidant potential, particularly green tea but coffee is also rich in chlorogenic acid an antioxidant that has been associated in reducing the risk of heart disease and other age related diseases.

In summary there is no clear winner and both can feature as part of a varied fluid intake alongside other water based fluids for optimal hydration. Caffeine intake should be limited to 300 – 400mg per day for most healthy adults.

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