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Fresh Blueberries vs Frozen

School Of Nutrition Posted Jan 26, 2016 Future Fit Training

This week we explore the nutritional variation in Fresh V Frozen products. The case in point….. blueberries .

Fresh Blueberries vs Frozen

Both remain a delicious and low calorie choice for snacking or adding to breakfasts. Sugar content remains the same at around 10g per 100g but remember this is naturally occurring fructose which is preferable to processed sugar. Mineral content remains identical in both fresh and frozen but the difference comes in regarding the vitamin C content. Fresh blueberries generally contain around 3 times more vitamin C than frozen blueberries but remember to maximise the micronutrient content you should always opt for the freshest produce that is local and seasonal where possible.

So fresh blueberries steal the crown for now but there is no doubting that frozen fruit can be a very convenient and economical addition to any healthy diet. 

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