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Special K vs Oatibix

School Of Nutrition Posted Dec 14, 2015 Future Fit Training

Both marketed as healthy breakfast cereals, which one measures up best nutritionally?

Special K vs Oatibix

Special K is made from rice, whole grain wheat and barley whereas Oatibix is purely wholegrain oats. This means Special K is not suitable for those on a wheat free diet and neither cereal is suitable for Coeliac’s (gluten allergy). 

Oatibix is marginally higher in calories at 395kcal per 100g versus Special K’s 375kcal but the difference is slight.

Oatibix has nearly 4 times the fat of Special K but Special K is over 5 times higher in sugar.

Oatibix has nearly 70% more fibre and 50% more protein than Special K meaning it is lower GI and a more satisfying breakfast helping to keep you fuller for longer and deter snacking on excess calories mid morning.

Special K has nearly 4 times the salt of Oatibix and salt can increase risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease whereas wholegrain oats as in Oatibix have been shown to lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease.

So forget the slender lady in her red bikini, Oatibix are the clear winner as part of a healthy balanced breakfast!   

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