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Table Salt vs Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

School Of Nutrition Posted Aug 24, 2015 Future Fit Training

We do need SOME salt in our diets as these minerals hold important roles within our bodies (aiding hydration). But is kind of salt better than another?

Table Salt vs Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Most of us have too much though and as natural whole foods contain traces of sodium chloride (even fruits and vegetables); our need for added salt is minimal. We consume most added salt through table salt or in processed foods.

IF we are going to use salt what form is best?

Table salt is processed sodium chloride that has added chemicals to bleach it, keep it dry and stop it clumping together.

Preferable to table salt is Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. This is pure and unrefined, free from chemical additives and lower in sodium which is the detrimental element of dietary salt that raises blood pressure. Himalayan Pink Salt also provides minerals that are vital to health which table salt does not. These include magnesium, potassium and calcium. In light of this Pink Himalayan Salt holds benefits over table salt including: promoting electrolyte balance and hydration,  balancing  pH  and aiding detoxification, supporting bone health and digestive function, preventing muscle cramps and promoting healthy blood pressure.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is a clear winner.

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