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Champagne v. 'skinny' Champagne

School Of Nutrition Posted Dec 12, 2014 Future Fit Training

Alcoholic beverages, with or without the mixers, are a source of calories. Here we take a look at Champagne, a popular drink at Christmas time.

Champagne v. 'skinny' Champagne

Let’s look at some stats comparing conventional Champagne and the new “Skinny” version:



“Skinny” Champagne (Alexandre Penet Brut Nature Cuvée Grand Cru)

Portion size

Small glass (125ml)

Small glass (125ml)







ABV (%)



Here are some highlights:

  • Both contain similar amounts of alcohol.
  • Skinny Champagne has far fewer calories and sugar per glass than conventional Champagne. This is because Skinny Champagne doesn’t contain the refined sugar mixture added to most other champagnes at the end of the fermentation process to balance the taste. The only sweetness in Skinny Champagnes comes from the residual fruit sugars of the grape.


OUR WINNER: Skinny Champagne!

We have to hand it to Skinny Champagne for its lower calorie and sugar content. We estimate that the calorie count per glass is potentially anywhere between 15 to 20% lower than other leading Champagnes. It also has 10-25% less sugar than the conventional variety.

Having said that, less calories and sugar do not necessarily mean less alcohol by volume (ABV %). In fact, Skinny Champagne contains 12% alcohol, so you should still drink it in moderation. UK Chief Medical Officers recommend that men and women do not regularly exceed 3-4 units and 2-3 units daily, respectively. [1]

Does Skinny Champagne taste different?  I’ll leave that one for you to decide!

Written by Victoria Trowse

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1. www.drinkaware.co.uk

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