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Head of School Announcement!

School Of Nutrition Posted Jul 02, 2014 Future Fit Training

The School of Nutrition is pleased to announce the launch of our new Career Accelerator Package, a unique selection of products and services which is now included as standard with all diplomas.

Head of School Announcement!

Students are at the heart of everything Future Fit Training does and we want to give our students more than just a training package – we want to give them all the ingredients for a successful career. While knowing your Vitamin D from your essential fatty acids is important, having the entrepreneurial and marketing skills to turn your knowledge into a successful business is equally important.

This is why we’ve teamed up with a range of industry-leading partners to offer you everything you need to make the transition from student to nutrition consultant in a single exclusive package.

As the proportion of the UK population suffering the consequences of poor diet continues to rise, Future Fit School of Nutrition is proud to be training the next generation of nutrition and health professionals with the skills to advise and motivate individuals on how to eat better, move more, lose weight and improve their health. Thanks to the Career Accelerator Package Future Fit graduates will now also be uniquely equipped to establish a successful business and effectively market their services to the people who need them.

Whether your dream is to have your own nutrition consultancy or to run weight loss retreats or classes, by the time you finish your diploma you will be ready to make that dream a reality with your own website, business cards and flyers, dietary analysis software, social media e-book and much more. To find out more about what is included in the package click on this image...

Current students will also get the opportunity to access the Career Accelerator Package later this year. Watch this space!

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