Susan Barry

She was fascinated that food and diet played such a major role in the management of a lifelong condition. This lead to her undertaking her BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Trinity College Dublin and then working as a senior clinical dietician in a University hospital for 7 years.

Following this, she spent 9 years in public health nutrition roles in the management of both adult and childhood obesity. This remains a keen topic of interest. Leading government funded projects and teams in the management of obesity highlighted the need for a multidisciplinary approach to treating and preventing long term ill health as a result of obesity. Seeing the psychological effects of obesity, alongside the physical and nutritional outcomes, lead her to complete a Diploma in Counselling Skills, which has been hugely advantageous as food and emotions can be so closely linked.

She then went on to lead a government funded cascade nutrition training project that involved course development, its execution and evaluation along with production of relevant teaching and learning tools. This proved highly successful and as a result became core funded and runs to this day. A key interest in education and training was reignited at this point and she gained a PGCE during her time in this role. Nutrition education and training, alongside obesity management, continue to sit at the top of Susan’s professional interest list and she joined the Future Fit team as a member of the School of Nutrition in 2016. She is HCPC registered. 

In her spare time, you will find Susan doing Pilates, swimming and cooking for friends and neighbours who love her homemade Irish brown soda bread!