Laura Gandon

"My primary area of exertise is family weight management, but in my free time I'm a keen runner so I also have a personal interest in sports nutrition."

She decided to specialise in this field, studying for a Masters in "Human Nutrition" at the University of Sheffield. Since graduating in 2001 Laura has worked in the private sector, voluntary sector and within the NHS. She joined the Future Fit School of Nutrition in 2006 and has a varied role with the company.

Laura says “nutrition is fascinating; particularly the way it affects the body and mind. What we eat can influence everything about us and how we live our lives. Everyone eats, and so everyone knows a certain amount about food and diets, but there is a lot of science behind nutrition which most people don't know. Particularly interesting is human behaviour; why does one person choose to eat one way and another person in a different way?”

Laura's main area of expertise is family weight management. She works in the NHS preventing weight gain in children by educating about eating well and getting active, and also teaching key skills (e.g. cooking) in the community such as through schools and preschool settings. She also helps and supports families with children who are overweight. Laura also has a particular interest in sports nutrition, mainly from a personal point of view as an avid runner. She is registered with the Association for Nutrition.