Healthy recipes

Try our quick & healthy recipes mean you'll never be short of ideas for healthy dinners. These nutritious recipes are simple & delicious.

Pork Goulash

Published on 01 October 2014

The nights are drawing in and it's getting colder but this goulash will keep you toasty warm!

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Celery Rosti with Poached Egg

Published on 22 September 2014

This recipe is as delicious as it looks; celery is cut into thin strips and combined with coriander, potato, chilli and goats cheese for a rosti that will have your tastebuds tingling. The poached egg just tops it off!

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Onion Crackles

Published on 17 September 2014

Amazing as a snack (think onion crisps!), a garnish for a curry or a finishing touch for salads or vegetable sides.

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Fresh Tomato & Black Olive Pizza

Published on 10 September 2014

Fresh tomato slices and chopped olives make a simple topping for this easy homemade pizza. If you want something more hearty, add slices of pre-cooked chicken sausage before topping it with cheese.

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Wild Mushroom Tartlets

Published on 01 September 2014

Delicious tartlets, perfect for the chilly nights, just choose your own mix of mushrooms to make it your own...

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Sweet Corn Fritters

Published on 27 August 2014

Quick and easy sweetcorn fritters, children will enjoy these as a snack or as part of dinner. You can even freeze them.

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Grape Jelly

Published on 13 August 2014

This slightly tart, vibrant red jelly makes a lovely change from the usual jams.

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Cherry-Mint Spritzer

Published on 29 July 2014

Celebrate the first cherries of the season with this mint-infused mocktail.

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Home-made chewy muesli bars

Published on 21 July 2014

These tasty and chewy muesli bars are delicious, simple to prepare and packed full of nutrition!

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Kiwi and custard tarts

Published on 15 July 2014

Make the most of tasty kiwi fruit with these delicious kiwi and custard tarts. Perfect for afternoon tea parties!

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