Tom Sarjant

"It was simple to apply and get enrolled... and the interaction with the course tutor and technical staff was fast and extremely professional."

Where did your initial interest in nutrition come from?

During my youth I was always active and playing a range of sports. Coming from an active family, the sibling rivalry was huge and as a result I was very competitive and determined to enhance my physical ability. 

I soon realised in order to do this my body’s energy intake was critical to my performance. My mum’s cooking supported my active lifestyle and I inherited the healthy habits she utilised when she was my chef. I joined the British Army in 2005 and since enlisting I have completed the demanding Physical Training Instructor Course. This enabled me to deliver safe and effective physical training and advice to my colleagues. 

The Armed Forces have been deployed on physically and mentally demanding operations, in a number of the most challenging environments in the world. In order to maintain constant high professional attitude and operational effectiveness a serviceperson’s fitness and nutrition is paramount.  

Why Future Fit?

I was determined to increase my nutritional knowledge and Future Fit looked to be the most professional and supportive. They also support the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services (ELCAS) scheme, which was a definite plus! 

Future Fit work in partnership with reliable agencies and body’s including The Register of Exercise Professionals, which proves their industry reputation and credibility. It was simple to apply and get enrolled on the Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management and the interaction with the course tutor and technical staff was fast and extremely professional.

Mr current role?

Currently I am in a SNCO in the British Army, which enables me to inform and educate my colleagues and their families in personal nutrition and weight management in line with the Ministry of Defence’s Commanders’ Guide in Nutrition for Health and Performance. The Army community is known for its tight-knit relationship and self-less culture and I am pleased I can contribute to this. There is a wide use of supplements in the Army and not always the consideration of whether you really need them. I can advise on any products that have been tested for banned substances and are safe to use.

My future?

I plan to remain in the British Army as it continues to offer new challenges for its soldiers, requiring constant high levels of fitness and therefore nutrition will remain critical to maintaining these standards. If I do decide to leave the forces, the Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management qualification is a strong string to my bow and I would definitely consider using the experience learnt, especially in client motivation and goal setting in civilian life.

My Top Student Tip

Conduct external research on all learnt topics; it will help gain a deeper knowledge and understanding. However, be careful of believing everything you read, do not rely too heavily on internet searches.

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