Nutrition Adviser Careers

Looking for a career as a Nutrition Adviser, but not sure where to start? Follow these 5 easy steps and start your nutrition career with confidence.

Looking for a career as a nutrition adviser?

Follow these five simple steps to your dream career and improving the lives of others. 

How to become a Nutrition & Weight Loss Adviser in 5 steps:

1. Get qualified

You will need to complete a nutrition course to give you the knowledge and skills needed to provide weight loss advice and motivate clients. Both of our industry recognised nutrition qualifications will enable you to work as a nutrition adviser:

Diploma in Weight Loss Management – this diploma will give you the perfect foundation for a career as a nutrition adviser. You will learn everything you need to know to start your career.

Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management – our most comprehensive and affordable all-in-one qualification within the industry. Become a specialist nutrition adviser.

With both of these, you will also receive:

Career Accelerator Package

Our exclusive Career Accelerator Package which gives everything needed to start your business:

  • Dietary Analysis Software
  • Business cards & flyers
  • Sales & Marketing Workshop
  • Business Start-up Consultation
  • Directory Profile
  • Social Media Guide
Career Accelerator Package

2. Get insured

Public Indemnity Insurance will cost about £50 a year and is simple to arrange. We will give you a list of industry specific companies and you can arrange it online or over the phone.

3. Find a venue

If you plan to work on a one-to one basis you will need a consulting room. This could be your spare room at home or you could consider renting an office space. Alternatively be a mobile coach and visit clients in their homes. If you want to run group classes local church halls and community centres are perfect and the cost of rental for a couple of hours should be reasonable.

4. Market yourself

Once you are ready to start practicing you will need to make the public aware of the fabulous service you offer. This is the fun bit!

Marketing yourself includes creating posters, flyers, business cards and setting up a Facebook or Twitter accounts. Leave flyers and posters in local shops, beauty salons, cafes and gyms and also use friends and family to spread the word. You may also decide to set up a website – this is a simple and cheap process these days and will ensure that you get maximum exposure.

5. Become indispensible to your clients

Changing long-held dietary habits and losing weight is difficult and your clients will need someone who can offer boundless enthusiasm and motivation in addition to bespoke weight loss advice that fits in with their lifestyle.

It is your job to keep the client focused, motivated and on track. Do this well and you develop a loyal client base who regard you as truly indispensible!

What can you do once you’ve qualified?

After you have qualified you will be fully equipped and able to immediately offer your services as a nutrition and weight loss professional.

You can help individuals improve their diet and lose weight through one-to-one consultations or by running weight loss classes. Working this way give you an enormous amount of flexibility – you can choose your working hours and fit work around your other commitments.

You can also choose where you work – it could be from home or the local village hall; or, you can use your nutrition skills in a range of jobs such as a community food support worker, dietetic assistant or health trainer.

Your future starts here...