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School Of Nutrition Posted Oct 23, 2013 Future Fit Training

Sian Lewis has worked as the Health Editor at Health & Fitness magazine for five years and first joined the magazine because of a huge passion for nutrition and health. During her time on the magazine her interest has grown and so has the volume of healthy eating content she produces for the magazine.

Read Sian's story...

When Sian was at university she made a promise to herself never to buy a ready meal. She wanted to avoid gaining weight and becoming unhealthy, so decided to cook all her meals from scratch and read more nutrition books than she did course books. Whilst studying Politics & Sociology she very quickly realised that she should have thought more about her degree choice and picked a nutrition one instead. All that aside, she graduated and decided to pursue a career in journalism to one day write for one of the many health, fitness and nutrition magazines she coveted. A year later scoring her first job at Health & Fitness and never looking back.

Wanting to learn more about nutrition, Sian decided to train with Future Fit Training – School of Nutrition because the volume and workload suited her lifestyle and her current workload. The content of the Advanced Diploma in Weight Loss Management was information she was already familiar with, together with a substantial amount of theory that was new to her, which she found exciting.

Sian plans to continue in her role as Health Editor at Health & Fitness magazine, whilst helping private clients in her free time. She now feels well equipped to advise others on weight management and sports nutrition.

Having completed the Pre- and Post-natal Nutrition e-learning course, she is planning to launch her new website  in due course. Watch this space!

You can find out more about the courses that Sian studied with us here.

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