How our new Eat to Gain masterclass can help your clients & your business

So what is ‘Eat to Gain’?

Eat to Gain is Future Fit School of Nutrition’s new online masterclass aimed at helping Nutrition Advisers to understand what is involved nutritionally in helping their clients to look better.  Some clients want a more toned physique and most are prepared to work harder in the kitchen to get it, so this will give you as their adviser the knowledge to deliver it.  This masterclass is written and presented by Heather Oakes who has experienced first hand what it takes to transform your body.  Heather has worked in the health and fitness industry since 1998 and is highly regarded in natural bodybuilding circles, having been 3 times British Figure Champion as well as having competed internationally on numerous occasions.

Eat to GainWhy do I need this online masterclass? If clients want bigger muscles, shouldn’t they just train harder?

Consistency in the kitchen is key.  Yes, your clients will need to train harder, but to maximise the results they also need to address their nutritional status.  You will be asking a variety of questions including:

  • Should they eat more or eat more often?
  • Should they eat more variety or more calories?
  • Should they just eat protein and what about supplements?

This may be the missing advice you have been looking for.  Learn how to put a diet plan together and how to get results.  Learn what is involved in this 24/7 lifestyle and how difficult it can be to maintain.  Are your clients prepared to work this hard consistently?  It’s worth it if they do.

All the theory is of course available online.  What you can’t appreciate until you have structured your nutrition (and therefore your life) in this way is the commitment required to take your clients to their goals.  See the difference this makes to their mind-set and watch them come back asking for more.  Perhaps try it on yourself to see the difference it can make and how difficult it is to maintain. 

How will it help my business?

It is widely recognised that ‘word of mouth’ is the best form of advertising.  It is effective because people trust the opinion of someone they know and best of all it’s free!  So if you can gain actual results from clients due to your well structured nutritional advice received as part of the Eat to Gain masterclass, then this could be the growth spurt your business needs.

My clients don’t want to look like bodybuilders

That is probably true of most of your clients.  However, most clients are coming to you because they want to look better, tone up and maybe lose weight.  All of these goals can be more effectively reached by combining the kitchen and the gym.  Your nutritional intake is 24/7.  Your gym sessions are only a fraction of this.  The way you control your calorie intake - what, when and how - will have a massive impact on the results achieved from your workouts.  If you can stay committed and focused on your nutrition then the rest will follow.  Looking like a bodybuilder is perhaps not the goal of your clients but in order to have a more toned physique they will have to eat and train like a bodybuilder in the short-term.  After all, bodybuilders are toned and lean, just perhaps in a more extreme way than your average client may want for themselves.

How quickly will clients gain muscle?

This is not a quick fix. 

Hopefully by now you are aware that results of any kind (weight loss or muscle gain) take time.  This masterclass will give you the ability to maximise results for your clients, therefore giving your clients more for their money.  Your clients will need to commit their time to prepping food in advance and altering their lifestyle.  This is a huge overhaul for most people and within 3-4 weeks your clients should notice a difference.  They should feel better, have more energy, be more productive and focused and feel as if they are completely in control of their lives.  Visibly they may have lost a small amount of body fat in this time, which will help them to see more definition in their muscles.  If they are then combining this with a strength-based exercise programme, then they will feel more empowered.  Realistically, people will start to notice a change in your client’s physique after 5-6 months.  When people start commenting on your client’s shape, tone, muscle and physique in general, then you know you’ve done it!  Your client has toned up, probably lost a small amount of body fat, gained a small amount of lean tissue and a massive amount of confidence.  Meanwhile you will gain more clients through word of mouth.

The Eat to Gain masterclass will be available in February, so watch this space!