5 reasons to study Nutrition for Sport & Exercise

Nutrition for Sport and Exercise is a fascinating topic, and one which we know you'll love learning about! Here are our top 5 reasons why:

1. This fantastic e-learning course will teach you how to adapt diets to optimise energy levels needed to fuel exercise, and you'll also develop an extensive understanding of sports nutrition to enable you to provide appropriate nutrition advice to clients with sport or exercise-related goals. These invaluable skills and knowledge will enable you to expand your client base by providing nutrition advice to gym goers, sports teams and athletes.

2. Achieve personal success - learn what to eat to achieve your personal exercise goals, whether it's increasing muscle mass or running a marathon.

3. Find out the supplements which work …and those that don’t! Sports Nutrition is a multi-billion pound industry that has seen massive growth in recent years. More and more people are turning to supplements to help them improve performance and achieve their desired physique, without knowing which supplements will work best for them or what the possible side-effects might be. You will be able to separate fact from the marketing hype.

4. Achieve a qualification like no other! The Nutrition for Sport and Exercise course is certified by the Association for Nutrition. No other sports nutrition course in the UK has this unique recognition. If you are on REPs you will also achieve 16 CPD points. This accrediation is recognised by clients and employers alike!

5. Increase your earning potential. As with most professions, those with specialist skills are typically able to charge higher rates, retain more clients and attract more employment opportunities, so adding nutrition for sport and exercise to your repertoire could prove very profitable in your nutrition career!


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