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How to choose the right Personal Training Course

We know that there are lots of personal training courses on the market and choosing between them can be difficult. Before you decide who to study with, ask your chosen training providers the following questions:

Does the course lead to a recognized personal training qualification?

A recognized qualification in personal training will be accredited by an independent awarding body such as CIMSPA.

Not all companies offering personal training courses are registered, so be wary of those. The lack of regulations means these courses can be sold cheaper than regulated qualifications as the course do not have to meet any standards. However, employers may not recognize these courses and stop you from being employed with them. You also might struggle to get proper personal training insurance.

How is your training designed and developed?

Your chosen diploma needs to include current training techniques and up-to date research to enable you to give your clients a high quality and varied training experience. We constantly keep up-to-date with the latest trends through research and discussions with leading fitness professionals and employers. We won Innovative Training Programme of the Year at the UK Active 2014 awards in recognition of our 3 dedicated schools and their unique approach to training!

The way your training is planned in is key to your success and at the 2014 UK active Summit it was reported that some employers believe intensive training does not prepare students properly for working as a Personal Trainer. Nearly 1 in 6 gym managers surveyed recently stated that “education provision has become too quick and compact”.

Training over a period of time ensures that you retain the knowledge you have gained, can put your new skills into practice and gives you the confidence you need to start training others effectively. So be careful not to rush your training so that you can ensure that you get the best preparation for your new career!

Paul Swainson - Personal Training Technical Specialist

How do your assessments prepare me for life in the real world?

When you train for your new career, you will be assessed on what you have learnt. There’s a big difference between being assessed using a fellow student as a ‘client’ rather than practising on a true to life case study! To fully prepare you for a career in the fitness industry, assessments should be performed using someone with little or no prior fitness knowledge so that you can demonstrate your competency to teach an effective training programme on a client of any level and ability – just like you will in the real world!

"My top student tip is practice, practice, practice, you will need this to pass the assessment. I worked with a group of my neighbours for 6 weeks before the assessment and we had great fun and I was confident, able and successful first time on the assessment weekend" - Student feedback.

What additional skills will I learn within my training?

on’t just settle for the bare minimum! The bare minimum will not fully prepare you for a career in the industry. As standard, your training should include those all-important exercise skills such as circuits, advanced resistance and functional equipment training.

We provide you with the advanced tools and skills that are needed as a standard part of your Future Fit diploma. These skills are in demand and can be used outside of a gym environment but more importantly you should include softer skills such as behaviour change coaching and motivation which are key if you are to retain your clients.

At Future Fit you can be sure that we will provide you with the skills you need to be the best!As a graduate, when it comes to securing your first position as a fitness professional, you will be offered guaranteed interviews by many of the major gyms, health clubs and fitness companies including Fitness First, Nuffield Health and Virgin Active plus many more.

How can I be sure I am fully prepared to work in the industry?

Several leading health club employers state that many Personal Trainers entering the industry lack sales and marketing skills which has a negative impact on their earning potential. These skills are so important and it is vital that on completion of your training, you are fully prepared to start working in the industry and are fully equipped to make your new a career a success.

We include Building your Fitness Business and our Career Accelerator Package as standard within all of our diplomas. You will also have 6 months access to Nutrium software, enabling you to analyse your clients' diets, determine their calorie and nutrient intake and create meal plans. Nutrium is a complete digital solution for nutrition professionals and includes a personal website and online booking facility.These tools provide you with a wide range of knowledge, products and services to ensure you get off to the best start and maximise your earning potential!

Being a personal trainer is a great career for people who are passionate about health and fitness and enjoy helping others. It can be confusing working out the best way to get started in the industry, so we are here to explain everything you need to know to understand the process of getting qualified and becoming a personal trainer.

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