Vegetarian, Vegan and Plant-based Diets

Vegetarian, Vegan and Plant-based Diets

Included Course: Vegetarian, Vegan and Plant-based Diets

This online e-learning course is worth 6 CIMSPA CPD / 2 REPs CPD points.

Plant-based diets, including vegetarianism and veganism, have seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the past few years. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to help your vegetarian and vegan diets optimise their nutrient intake. You will also learn the answers to some key questions such as:

Does reducing or eliminating meat and animal products from our diet lead to better health and weight management?

How easy is it to achieve all of our nutrient requirements from a completely animal-free diet?

This course is suitable for anyone who gives nutrition advice as well as those wishing to study for their own interest.