The Competitive Edge

The Competitive Edge

Included Course: The Competitive Edge

The Competitive Edge is what really makes you stand out from the competition!

This component will give you the latest cutting edge training techniques and must-have business skills that will make your CV or PT business stand out head and shoulders above other graduates.

We promise to show you how to convert your knowledge into income by injecting variety and fun into your programmes, inspiring passion in your clients so it's easy to build a great rapport and keep them coming back for more!  

Learning how to promote and market your new business is key and we'll teach you everything you need to know so you can make the leap from being a qualified personal trainer to a successful fitness professional with a profitable business.

This course component will also develop your expertise in core PT areas that don’t involve exercise and provide you with a packed tool box of new training concepts that are in high demand with clients and employers.

 What will I learn?

 Advanced exercise

  • Specialist exercise prescription for fat loss, core conditioning and advanced resistance training
  • Functional performance, power, strength and mobility using equipment such as stability balls, weighted bags, medicine balls, agility ladders and wobble boards
  • Small and large group management and teaching skills including circuit classes.

 Client psychology

  • How to assess and affect people’s behaviour
  • How to recognise and understand barriers to change
  • The process of change
  • Developing your client skills – motivational strategies, communication, interpersonal skills


  • Harnessing the marketing mix to plan and develop your business
  • Brand development and unique selling points
  • Effective sales and promotion techniques for gaining and retaining clients

Specialist tracks

Unique to the School of Personal Training is our range of specialist tracks for you to choose from. Click on the box below to find out how how you can increase your earnings from £20-£50 to as much as £75-£100 per hour!

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