Motivational Communication

Learn how to influence your client’s mindset and behaviour with these effective motivational communication methods for behaviour change. Online course £45

Motivational Communication

Included Course: Motivational Communication

Change your client’s mindset to achieve the best results

This is an online e-learning course

Learn some effective motivational communication techniques for positive behaviour change.

Have you ever struggled to help clients who say they want to eat healthier and exercise more but repeatedly do the opposite?

Do you sometimes despair because it seems your clients are not taking all of your great advice on board?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions then this masterclass is for you.

One of the most common mistakes that health and fitness professionals make is assuming that informing our clients of the consequences of their poor diet/inactivity will lead to behaviour change. The reality is that this approach is at best ineffective and at worst completely counter-productive.

This masterclass will teach you a new approach. You will learn how to use motivational interviewing techniques to communicate with clients in a way that elicits genuine motivation and sustained behaviour change.

  • Price £45.00

Once purchased, you will be allocated a user log in (within 48 hours with exception for weekends) and set up to start learning the following Monday, or a day of your choosing thereafter (start dates may differ around Bank Holidays).

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This masterclass is designed for anyone who wants to know more about this fascinating subject, whether for professional or personal reasons.


The content is delivered via a series of video presentations supported by fact sheets and resource documents, it will take approximately 1 hour to complete.


  • How people really make health behaviour decisions (it’s not how you think)
  • Why willpower is overrated
  • How the ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ thinking systems influence the adoption of new habits
  • Why the most commonly used methods for encouraging behaviour change (telling people what to do and why) actually increases resistance to change
  • The most effective way of communicating with your clients for lasting behaviour change
  • 8 proven communication techniques that you can put into practice with your clients immediately

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There is no assessment for this masterclass.

On completion of the masterclass you will be able to download a certificate. If you are CIMSPA registered, you will receive 1 CIMSPA CPD point.