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Training & Delivery Solutions

Empower your staff to help grow your business.

From apprentice level to CEO, we are committed to developing each individual the fitness industry. Understanding how to utilise key tools such as development programmes, online CPD, and apprenticeship schemes is vital to the success of your business.

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Workforce Training Delivery Tools

Having a central hub for all your staff’s training tools and development programmes is ideal. As we head into 2021, and with fitness centres re-opening, it’s crucial that your staff are trained to handle the challenges ahead. Given our knowledge of the industry, you can trust our solution will ensure your staff are fully prepared.

As more of our industry moves online, you need to develop your staff to transition their skillset to the remote environment – you need your staff to be ambassadors for the industry, and being able to adapt to online training is crucial for them to succeed.


ProZone is a cost-effective solution to provide CPD for your workforce, track training across the organisation, and upload your own internal training content. As winner of ukactive’s ‘Best Innovation’ award in 2018, ProZone is an essential aid for any fitness organisation.

Delivered through a David Lloyd branded platform, the Key features include:

  • A pre-existing library of over 400 resources (Presentations, videos and articles) with around 100 CIMPSA CPD points.
  • 4 New Articles, 1 Hour of video and 1 short video series across Training, Nutrition, Business and Coaching released every month worth at least 3 CPD points.
  • Automated email notifications to let users know when content is uploaded. Accessible via PC, laptop, tablet, phone etc.
  • Content delivered across our 60 strong networks of Tutors as well as industry known guest presenters.
  • Training delivered in bitesize chunks. For example, 15 min videos worth 0.25 CPD points or 800-word articles worth 0.5 CPD points
  • Automated points logging with Cimpsa monthly saving the need for trainers to log their points
  • A full reporting suite for admin users to track training completion of training/points. Custom certificates for reaching set milestones. Group by site to identify best performing locations.
  • API integrations for single sign-on from other platforms to avoid the need for additional login details.
  • Roll on and off trainers at no extra cost.
  • Costs start at just £150+VAT per club per year.

Membership provides you with access to an exclusive online fitness community, specialist guest webinars, videos, articles, unique promotions and competitions, and a 25% discount on all Future Fit CPD courses.


Reactivate is a bespoke digital platform designed to host, manage, and deliver all of your organisation’s resources and training needs. We provide your staff with clear training so they can go back to work confident with all aspects of their roles, and fully trained on new procedures and precautions.

The Reactivate platform provides both written and video resources to help you reopen your facilities. This includes essential training in socially distanced teaching and hygiene standards.

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Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Earning while you learn is an exciting prospect for many; whether that’s kickstarting your career with vital industry skills or honing your existing knowledge to push yourself in a new professional direction.

Apprenticeships are one of the best ways to train new and existing staff and are invaluable in getting staff engaging in company ethos from the beginning of their training; maintaining the standards matched to the companies’ future needs and improving staff loyalty and retention.

We understand that the apprenticeship levy has been a cause of concern for many organisations. This has led to disengagement or ‘off the shelf’ solutions that are not fit for purpose. At Future Fit, we are committed to supporting organisations in creating truly employer-led apprenticeship strategies.

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We can help our members:

  • Unlock savings on your existing training budgets
  • Deliver significan’t return through increased workforce capability
  • Maximise potential savings on national insurance contributions
  • Support identifying the right apprenticeship standard/framework for you
  • Mapping existing training into apprenticeship programmes
  • Applying for the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP)
  • Help with accessing payroll savings and other financial incentives
  • Writing of integrated apprenticeship strategies

Member Engagement Tools

As part of our commitment to our partners and learners, we have developed a fantastic tool to help member engagement; MemberZone.

The MemberZone can be used to communicate a wide range of resources to your staff and members, helping to educate and support them.

Powered by ProZone, this platform offers a unique opportunity for you to:

  • Remain connected with your members and customers
  • Engage them with your brand
  • Promote positive mental and physical wellbeing to members and staff alike whilst they are away from your facilities

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With MemberZone you will get:

Custom Branding

The MemberZone Platform comes bespoke to your organisation with your Logo and Colour Scheme, a Custom URL and branded emails notifications to your customers when you publish something new

Device Compatibility

Let your customers access MemberZone using their PC’s, Laptops, Tablets or Smart mobile devices 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

Unlimited Upload

Upload as many Videos, Articles and Links as you’d like for you customers to enjoy with a few simple clicks with the intuitive administrative panel.

Reporting Analytics

See what types of content your customers engage with best so you know what to produce more of in the future.

API Integration*

Seamlessly link to you HR and onboarding system to add and remove members from the platform as they create or cancel their memberships.

Extra Content

Leverage Future Fit’s team of over one hundred industry experts to create exceptional content around Health, Training, Nutrition and Wellbeing for your members to Enjoy.

Extra Revenue

If you choose, you could offer MemberZone a premium benefit for members opting to pay a small increase in membership. £0.50 per month from just 1000 members equals £6,000 per year!

Ongoing Support

Future Fit will provide initial Launch training to key admin users as well as ongoing support through your dedicated account manager. Full instructional guides for the product will also be provided for your peace of mind.

Bespoke Digital Learning & Videography

Our flourishing Digital Education department designs and delivers high-quality, innovative learning solutions that are engaging, very effective and user-friendly.

We are particularly proud of our ability to provide highly attractive formats utilising a truly responsive design that looks gorgeous on everything from a smartphone to a full-sized monitor.

Our in-house video team are experts in creating all forms of video whether it be shot in our fully equipped studio, on location at your premises or at other venues around the country.

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Exercise, Nutrition & Health Training

In response to the Public Health England call for action regarding the upskilling of the wider public health workforce, we have developed a training and education pathway that focuses on health and wellbeing-based solutions for our industry.

There is currently a lack of vocational qualifications in health and wellbeing to assist in areas such as mental health (an issue that currently impacts 1 in 4 people in the UK suffering from a recognised condition). We have identified how important educational support is to facilitate companies’ goals of improved community health services, and intend to upskill staff to work in areas such as: health improvement, mental health awareness, physical activity prescription, and lifestyle change.

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Level 2 Courses

We run an array of courses designed to help improve wellness in the workplace. These include RSPH Level 2 nationally recognised qualifications in:

  • Understanding Mental Wellbeing - Provide your staff with an understanding of the importance of mental wellbeing, the theoretical models that can be used to describe it, and factors that may affect it.
  • Understanding the Delivery of an NHS Health Check – Provide your staff with a knowledge and understanding of the NHS health check process. You will be able to potentially support your workplace in: carrying out Health Check Assessments, informing the client of the significance of their results, their risk, and brief advice if required. This course provides underpinning knowledge for the core competences and technical competences described in the NHS Health Check competence framework produced by Public Health England.
  • Improving the Public’s Health - provides a knowledge and understanding of the principles of: health improvement and mental health and wellbeing, how to build relationships with clients, the local context of health and wellbeing issues, and measures for addressing them.
  • Encouraging a Healthy Weight and Healthy Eating - provide you with a knowledge and awareness of healthy lifestyles by encouraging them to eat healthily and attain/maintain a healthy weight.
  • Certificate in Physical Activity and Health Improvements - designed to meet the need for an increased knowledge in health prevention and health promotion across public health. It is suitable for people working in the wider public health workforce who wish to engage in prevention and improve health in their communities or sector. Upon completion you will be able to support individuals in behaviour change that leads to healthier lifestyle and address local health issues.

This award is made up of the following:

  • Understanding Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Principles of Health Improvement
  • Group Exercise and Circuit Training

Level 3 Certificates

  • Health and Wellbeing Improvement – RSPH approved qualification to provide your team with knowledge, understanding, and skills to promote the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups, and communities so that people can make improvements and changes to their lives by positive behaviour change.
  • Designing Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Programmes - This VTCT qualification provides instructors with the practitioner skills needed to devise suitable prescription for a multitude of conditions.
    • Staff will learn about:
      • Condition specific pathophysiology
      • Signs and symptoms
      • Disease progressions and exercise considerations across metabolic, cardiorespiratory, MSK and mental health conditions

Level 4 Advanced Training

  • Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist
    • This course is suitable for your staff who are qualified in Exercise Referral and who are looking to move into specialist exercise prescription.
      • The qualification covers:
        • Level 4 anatomy and physiology in relation to lower back pain
        • Postural and functional assessments
        • Psychological considerations
        • Exercise prescription
  • Obesity and Weight Management
    • This course is for Exercise Referral qualified instructors who are looking to move into specialist exercise prescription. Learners will gain a more in-depth knowledge around diabetes, obesity, and associated conditions which aligns to the latest CIMSPA recommendations for working with long-term conditions. The course will cover Level 4 anatomy and physiology in relation to the conditions, alongside psychological considerations & theoretical exercise prescription.

Funded Projects

We understand that your team’s happiness and wellbeing has an enormous impact on the success of your business. The cost-effective way we support our corporate clients means you can upskill your staff in several areas ensuring quality and consistency. This is particularly useful across multisite operators when a company standard is required.

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A dedicated support initiative to maintain staff retention in the activity workforce sector. Funded by the National Lottery through Sport England, the service will support the free training of staff. Future Fit Training is a partner of ReTrain, as we help identify skills gaps in training providers.

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​Reactivate is a bespoke digital platform designed to host, manage, and deliver all of your organisation’s resources and training needs. We provide your staff with clear training so they can go back to work confident with all aspects of their roles, and fully trained on new procedures and precautions.

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Creative Sport & Leisure have developed a strategy to train the next generation of Professional and Technical employees that will drive economic development in the Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being Sector. Active Apprentice offers a new and unique approach to helping a business grow through taking on an apprentice.

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