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Success Stories: Liam Duffy

In 2012, I decided a career change was necessary. As fitness and sport have always been important to me throughout life, personal training was the path I chose and I haven’t looked back since. After looking at many training providers and the courses they offered, I finally chose Future Fit Training. I was a fully qualified personal trainer by winter 2013. However, it wasn’t until winter 2014 that I made a start on promoting myself in my chosen career.

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Why Future Fit?

Future Fit offered me everything I needed during my training and there were numerous reasons as to why I chose them other training providers. Mainly, it was the professional and in depth quality of the content they provided. Unlike other training providers, Future Fit offered many topic areas, all with a quality assurance method, whether that be formative assessments throughout the module or a summative assessment in the form of an exam or practical assessment at the end of a module.

Their constant contact, innovative resources and advice and guidance were excellent. Heather Oakes, Anthony Crozier and Paul Swainson, to name just a few of the Future Fit team, were there to help during each of the specific courses. Their expertise was exceptional throughout; not only on the course, but also the fitness industry in general, marketing yourself, achieving the best results and helping towards the first step on the career ladder. Other than the main Level 3 Personal Trainer course, I believe the two nutrition courses that I successfully completed to be as equally valuable. The vast majority of my current clients have struggled with nutrition, whether it’s for body transformation or training for a specific event.

Where I am now

At this current time I’m fortunately training 12 different individuals with over 20+ sessions per week, as well as two bootcamp/group circuit sessions per week, the clients range from body transformation, training for a specific event (marathon/Tough Mudder) and also joint rehab (knee and shoulder). I’ve also been lucky enough to have no negative feedback and no regression from clients, when analysing why I can only put it down to being honest and open with each other, if a client doesn’t feel something is beneficial we talk about why it is and what it helps with, if I feel the client isn’t giving 100% and I expect more from them I’ll be open and honest at all times. This is also a massive part as to why I feel I have success stories, ranging from a lady completing the Manchester Marathon and Tough Mudder, another woman having an incredible 12 week transformation and also a lady increasing mobility and strength in joints that have been problematic for years.

How I got there

Looking back to late 2014/early 2015 when I decided to train full-time out of Total Fitness Altrincham I knew advertising was going to be vital for success. I initially put together a business plan of where to market, how to market and who to market my Personal Training business to, it all started with the name PT360, having a logo created for the company/brand and then looking at multiple different advertising options. I used most methods of advertising, starting with business cards and leaflets, being an ever present on social media accounts and most importantly getting as many people to talk about PT360 and the results they were getting from their sessions.

I can’t stress enough how important word of mouth advertising is; individuals recommending your services is not only the best method of advertising but it’s also an amazing feeling, knowing that someone is so happy with your services and their results that they think it’s worth telling their friends and family about. Importantly, pictures also tell a thousand words, as clichéd as it is! I can honestly say I gained 3 clients from one set of ‘before and after’ comparison pictures and that was all with a friend who had sessions for a massively discounted rate. People want to see the product you are selling is working for others and picture evidence is the easiest way to show it.

Future plans

Having goals and targets for the future isn’t only important when trying to get results physiologically for clients but also important to further my career and business. Projecting the future is difficult, but if you asked me what I wanted I’d tell you 3 things; to grow my current number of clients and sessions per week, to eventually own my own private gym and also to manage other PTs under the PT360 umbrella, helping nurture them to become successful and be the best PTs they can be.

Top tips

  • From my own experience in this industry I can offer the following points of advice to anyone considering a career in personal training:
  • Be prepared to put in the long hours when you first start out– it is vital that you are working constantly to be the best PT you can be
  • Don’t burn yourself out – it is important to work hard, but more important to maintain a balanced work and home life
  • Don’t be money orientated and attempt to make a quick fortune from the industry - be driven and dedicated to your clients and give them your best and the clients and results will follow
  • Be continually learning and developing at all times - if you stagnate and don’t educate yourself on new innovative ways to train, other PTs will pass you by
  • Finally, learn and apply knowledge from the leading experts and others within the industry. Use their experience and guidance to make you a better personal trainer