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Success Stories: Kelly Chester

One of the most important things I would say would be make sure you stay motivated. Be sure to set aside study time and don't sit there watching your favourite soaps expecting the work to be done for you!
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Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

I’ve had an interest in fitness from a young age. I wasn’t very academic at school and all my motivation and proactivity came through the sports I played. I then worked as a care worker where I worked with people who had become disabled later in life and wanted to help prevent people getting sick in the first place by utilising my knowledge in health and social care and educating people about a healthy lifestyle and fitness whilst they are young and healthy.

Why the Future Fit School of Pilates?

I decided on the Total Immersion course from the Future Fit School of Pilates because it gave me the opportunity to pay for the course in instalments and their flexibility allowed me to fit the course around my situation, which in turn allowed me to take care of my new-born baby and take the course at my own pace.

My current role

I am a qualified Level 3 Pilates teacher and hold Pilates and Boxolates classes at Samurai Hearts, in Freeman Street, Grimsby. My classes are fun and interactive and I am looking forward to creating more interesting classes after my qualification comes through.

My future

I intend to put all my energy into growing my business.I have a drive to create more interesting classes, but still stick to a traditional Pilates formula. I started Boxolates because I found that it was a more dyslexia friendly way of teaching, as it is circuit based and there is no need to think about sequencing and left and right like standard group based Pilates.