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Success Stories: David Pexton

My dream would be to open up a Sanctuary of sorts where people can come for Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Massage, Reflexology, Meditation - you name it! in 2013 I'm embarking on an aromatherapy massage course with the view to adding sport massage at a later date to expand my skillbase even further.
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Where did your initial interest in fitness and Pilates come from?

I had trained as a Reflexologist back in 2005 and so a holistic approach to health was always in the back of my mind. I attended Pilates classes at a local leisure centre and fell in love with the exercise method. It just fitted in very much with a holistic approach to health. I then started searching for an education provider for this idea I’d had…

Why the Future Fit School of Pilates?

After doing my research I chose to train with the Future Fit School of Pilates because the courses were offered in a modular format. The course allowed me to train whilst still working in my current day to day job. I know a lot of training providers offer this method but, if I’m honest, the Future Fit School of Pilates' website clearly explained the course content. It showed what was expected of me and it made more sense than some of the competitors. This was a big decision for me to undertake a lot more study and the ease with which the Future Fit School of Pilates explained everything made the decision a lot less stressful.

My current role?

I’m currently self-employed as a Fitness Instructor under DPexFitness. I still work as a Reflexologist but I spend a lot of my time doing personal training sessions in the local parks and I teach a lot of Pilates classes. I love it. My work is so varied and I meet such a variety of people; each individual is inspiring in their own way. I also work for the local community offering reduced price classes in an effort to get everybody affording some means to exercise.