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Pilates Teacher Salary

How much can I earn as a Pilates Teacher?

From offering self-employed sessions to working in a health club or gym, there are various ways you can earn money as a Pilates Instructor.

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Your salary as a Pilates teacher really depends on how much you want to earn. You may plan to instruct one or two Pilates classes a week for a small income or you could choose to make a career from instructing a variety of Pilates sessions.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll see that teaching Pilates can provide you with plenty of opportunities to earn a decent Pilates instructor salary or a great way to earn extra income.

Group classes

One of the most lucrative ways to generate income is to teach group classes and charge participants individually. If you find a suitable hall (such as a church or village hall, community centre or dance studio) and hire the space for a reasonable rate, your income would be £50+ from a one-hour class. It’s the quality of teaching that participants are interested in, so limit your numbers. Participants don’t mind paying a little bit extra if they know the class won’t be over-crowded and they’ll receive your attention throughout the session.

As a benchmark, 12 participants per class works well, so make sure the hall you’re hiring can accommodate this number. It is advisable for participants to book and pay in advance for a number of sessions. This guarantees your overheads are met and you will know what your income will be each week.

If you taught 5 classes per week @ £50 per class = £250.00 for 5 hours work

Small groups

Offering small group sessions (3 to 4 people) is a popular way for people to exercise at a time that suits them. It’s a step between attending a group class and receiving an individual personal training session. Depending on the location by running small group sessions, a pilates instructor's hourly rate is at least £30 per hour, which the participants can split between themselves.

The benefit of small group sessions is that participants will have a more personalised session. These can work well at one of the participants’ homes, depending on suitable space being available, and people are generally willing to pay a little extra if it saves them time and convenience. This is a great way to fill your morning or early afternoon time if you target your audience well.

If you taught 4 small group sessions per week with 3 or 4 people per class @ £40 = £160.00 for 4 hours work

One-to-one sessions

Personal Pilates sessions can earn you at least £30 per hour (depending on location) and potentially much more if your clients live in an affluent area. Remember, clients are paying for your time, expertise, knowledge and advice so make sure you present yourself professionally at all times and prepare well for each session.

If you instructed 6 personal Pilates sessions per week @ £35.00 per session = £210.00 for 6 hours’ work

Teaching classes for a health club or gym

These sessions are usually paid at a pre-set rate of £20 to £25 per hour (dependent on location). Sometimes the classes are 45 minutes in duration and rates of pay are paid according to your teaching time.

If you taught 2 classes per week @ £20.00 = £40.00 for 2 hours’ work

If you worked for 17 hours in the sessions mentioned above you could potentially earn over £650.00. That’s not bad for a part-time job! Your earnings would, of course, be subject to tax and national insurance if you were self-employed and you would also need to deduct costs for advertising, room hire rates and so on from this figure. However, the point is that there are plenty of opportunities to make money teaching Pilates exercises whether it’s on a large or small scale, with groups of people or individuals.

What hours can I work?

You can usually set your own working hours, which may include evenings and weekends to meet the needs of your clients. Classes usually last between 45 and 90 minutes. You may even teach several classes in one single day, so you will have to be fit, as teaching can be tiring.

You will work in a studio that focuses on creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Some travel may be involved, especially if you are a freelance Pilates instructor.