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Personal training in a gym

When you decide to qualify as a personal trainer you may decide to embark on your career by working in a gym. This would be a perfect opportunity to use the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired and interacted with lots of different kinds of clients. You will also be working alongside more experienced PTs who may be able to provide you with additional hints and tips.

Working in a Gym or a Health and Fitness Club as a personal trainer is very rewarding! With an ever-increasing membership base, people joining the gym is still increasing in popularity. You can pursue employed work at gyms, health clubs, leisure centres or hotel facilities and there are a number of benefits:

- reliable, regular income

- no equipment or set up costs

- networking opportunities with other professionals

- support in building your client base

- other opportunities such as class teaching

Our Personal Training Courses

Our industry recognised personal training courses will give you the established authority in the field of health and fitness and allow you to immediately apply for work or set up on a self-employed basis as a Personal Trainer in a gym.

To become a Personal Trainer you need to be qualified as Level 3, and if you need to become a specialist enroll in the Level 4 Total Immersion Diploma.

What are you interested in?

Whichever course you choose, almost certainly, you’ll find it to be a really rewarding and enjoyable career move, which will continue to get better as your confidence grows.

Level 3 Complete Diploma

This course will give you the perfect foundation for a career as a personal trainer. You will learn everything you need to know to start your career as a personal trainer.

View Level 3

Level 4 Total Immersion Diploma

Our most comprehensive and affordable all-in-one qualification within the industry. Become one of the UK’s elite personal trainers and gain level 4 specialist status.

View Level 4

What you learn with us

During your training with us, you’ll learn a lot more about acquiring and engaging with gym clients.

  • convey to your clients the passion you feel about exercise and sport;
  • feel, look and act like a professional – and why shouldn’t you, when you know you are the best trained you can be;
  • instil confidence in your clients, as you demonstrate to them how to exercise effectively and efficiently;
  • feel that glow of satisfaction as you help them to achieve their aims;
  • be a good listener – the best personal trainers don’t just stand over people telling them what to do; they give their clients plenty of opportunity to express their misgivings, concerns, preferences and personal aims.

After you have qualified you will be able to immediately apply for work in a gym or set up your own business as a personal trainer. If you interested in your earning potential as a personal trainer have a look at our personal trainer salary page.

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I have been studying with Future Fit Training for the past year and can honestly say how amazing they are as a training provider. They cover every basis, you get excellent support from the tutors, the online training is intense and thorough, the workshops are fantastic and the tutors themselves are extremely knowledgeable.

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I recently enrolled onto the Pilates teacher training course with Future Fit. The career advisor I spoke with throughout the process was Scott Bolwell. I really must say I was so impressed with the level of customer service I received from Scott right from the very beginning. When I first called through on the phone I had a lot of questions and Scott was very patient and thorough.

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"I did the level 3 Nutrition Advisor…"

I did the level 3 Nutrition Advisor Diploma with these guys. It was amazing, taught me everything I needed to know and has in turn made my income a lot higher. Recommended highly!!

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