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Success Stories: Edd Conway

I wanted to find a distance learning course that was reputable and had good connections with the nutrition industry so that my qualification would actually mean something within the industry

My name is Edd Conway and I have recently completed the Future Fit School of Nutrition 'Nutrition Specialist Diploma'. I have always played sport, mainly football and rugby when I was younger, but concentrated on rugby from the age of 15. I was fortunate to go to a strong (St Benedict's Ealing) and gained an understanding of nutrition and exercise when I studied Physical Education at A Level. I then took a degree course at the University of Bath which focused on the practical side of high-level coaching.

Whilst there I completed a Personal Training course and then went on to coach rugby part-time for two years. I wanted to continue learning while I worked and was keen to gain a greater understanding about nutrition. Having researched different options, Future Fit seemed the best option for me.

Why the Future Fit School of Nutrition?

Future Fit had exactly what I was looking for - a specific and detailed nutrition course that could be completed online and in my free time. The website was clear and well laid our and fit perfectly with my part-time work coaching. I would thoroughly recommend the course as the Student Zone is easy to use with good and clear teaching presentations. It allowed me to learn at my own pace and in my own time.

My current role?

I have now established Edge Rugby which runs rugby camps and private coaching in West London. The whole purpose of the camps is to bring about a more complete approach to young athlete development to encourage healthier and safer practice. Nutrition plays a key role in this and is an important topic to cover both in the general population as well as with budding rugby stars of the future. Each player leaves the camp with a 'Player Portfolio' to provide them with nutritional advice and analysis among other aspects of training.

"I am hoping to build Edge Rugby further and spread beyond West London. More camps are planned for October and December before finding new locations in 2013. I am confident not only in my knowledge of nutrition gained through Future Fit but also that this knowledge can have a lasting and positive effect on those who attend."