Terrell Lewis 'Be the Change'

31 October 2018

Meet Terrell Lewis, Personal Trainer, Spoken Word Artist and one of the fantastic Career Adviser's here at Future Fit Training! Terrell gives his unique view on joining the fitness industry and making the decision to become a Personal Trainer...

Key points

  • Introducing Terrell Lewis
  • What it means to be a PT
  • What Future Fit can do for you
  • Getting your fitness career started

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So you want to be a PT, but you’re asking yourself all these questions
Don't worry because my job is to strengthen your imperfections
Now your investment should never be about price, nor how fast you can get it done
Because you are building yourself an empire so think how you would want it to run.
Now let's think about the bigger picture because we're not in this for the short-term gain
In order to get where you want to be we're gonna have to go through some pain.
Now it's okay to be nervous because honestly I was nervous too
But I promise if you commit to the cause then then the course will commit to you.
I know you’re ready to do this, but the question is do you think you are?
Everybody can go the distance, but the difference is how far.
You’re ready to move forward but you're also comfortable remaining,
How about you do something different and get your Future Fit with training.

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